Nancy Pelosi, Brain Dead … but her mouth doesn’t know it yet …

First of all, public speaker … she ain’t. Maybe her mouth is getting a hint that there isn’t anything upstairs. Fumbling, bungling, marginally coherent … pathetic. If she were not so vile, I might feel sorry for her.I sense that what few brains cells are still functioning within her cranium perceive that the environment might not be exactly friendly. The “deer in the headlights” analogy ? Hardly. Deer have a lot more sense even when revealed by headlights. Deer in the dark … well … in the dark, obviously … as in you’re clueless, Nancy.This woman is so full of dogma, there isn’t any room for intelligent assessment. I recently read a comment about San Franciscans, by someone who lives there … that half the population hears voices … causing confusion regarding the other half that’s talking into their bluetooth headsets. So, to which half does Nancy belong?

Question #1 regarding her CIA comments … she refuses to answer, other that saying she stands by her statement. Which one?  What were those three guys with her doing there other than running interference and killing time?

Well, she only took three questions. What a sleazy, fumbling, bungling wuss!! This woman REALLY irritates me!

So much for the weekly Speaker of the House briefing.


Confidence in Nancy Pelosi … Why????

Robert Gibbs says today the White House, i.e. President Obama, still has confidence in Nancy Pelosi. Jim Webb, Democratic senator from Virginia, says he has confidence in Nancy Pelosi. So say a few other Democratic politicians like Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia and Democratic national chairman. Also, according to current polls, the population is about evenly split on whether they think Nancy Pelosi or the CIA is lying.

I think that’s amazing. Exactly which of the four or five versions of Nancy Pelosi’s story are they confident in?

And does that mean that they have no confidence in Leon Paneta, the Obama appointed head of the CIA who has basically said Nancy Pelosi is lying?

It sounds like a classic case of wanting to have the cake whole while eating it, too.

I’ll put my money on Leon Paneta not being the snake oil salesman. At least he hasn’t waffled all over the place like Pelosi with a lot of stammering and stuttering.

As far as the rest are concerned, Nancy Pelosi is the snake oil in four or five flavors, and a lot of Democrats, including all of those who voted her Speaker of the House, are trying to give the nation a large dose.

What’s amazing is that 50% of the nation are simply holding their nose and opening their mouths to take the dose. I wonder what else can be shoved into the open orifice.

Mooooooooooooo ….!!!! What a bunch of cows. There’s some more of that yellow liquid in your ear, people , and you’re still fixated on how warm and soothing it is.

Nancy Pelosi and the CIA

What the hell is this woman doing being third in line for the U.S. Presidency?

When the assessment of her boils down to either being a liar or one stupid … person … or both, what sort of DA’s would want to keep her as speaker of the House of Representatives? I mean … how dumb are they?

This is enough to give even the most ardent atheist or agnostic a little bit of religion, to pray every night that nothing happens to Barack Obama or Joe Biden.

Let’s see … the chain of succession, Barack Obama (I’ll leave off my description of him now but it has something to do with Brown Shirt Goons from Chicago) … to … Joe Biden (I think a movie was made about him … “Dumb and Dumber”) … then Nancy Pelosi ( Ha-ha -ha -ha -ha -ha …).

Geez … what a joke!!!!

Let’s see …

What do you get when you have a snake oil salesman, a moron, and a lying airhead in the same room?
The top three Democrats in Washington.

5/16/2009 Update:

There’s nothing in this article about the CIA, is there? Well, anyone who doesn’t know anything about the controversy regarding Nancy Pelosi and the CIA, her accusing the CIA of lying to her … and only to her … according to her four or five different versions of HER own lie …, well, you deserve Nancy Pelosi to be third in line for the U.S. presidency. The rest of us don’t.

Cramer Said it: Unions Killed GM

A little old time religion …

When you agree you say “Amen”.

Well …

Amen, Cramer … Amen.

Jim Cramer on Mad Money this evening put the onus right on the auto workers unions for the death of General Motors, not the dealerships which are getting the blame and the shaft.

Since when was competition among dealerships a bad thing? General Motors doesn’t own the dealerships. Dealerships cost them nothing … absolutely nothing.

Pointing the finger at the dealerships is an attempt to get the monkey off the unions’ backs which have killed a lot more U.S. industries than auto … like steel, merchant marine, passenger rail, textiles … and the list goes on.