Cramer Said it: Unions Killed GM

A little old time religion …

When you agree you say “Amen”.

Well …

Amen, Cramer … Amen.

Jim Cramer on Mad Money this evening put the onus right on the auto workers unions for the death of General Motors, not the dealerships which are getting the blame and the shaft.

Since when was competition among dealerships a bad thing? General Motors doesn’t own the dealerships. Dealerships cost them nothing … absolutely nothing.

Pointing the finger at the dealerships is an attempt to get the monkey off the unions’ backs which have killed a lot more U.S. industries than auto … like steel, merchant marine, passenger rail, textiles … and the list goes on.


One Response

  1. I ask you today How many people are happy with this bailout? Except those top Paid execs at GM nobody is not even its workers!

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