Nancy Pelosi and the CIA

What the hell is this woman doing being third in line for the U.S. Presidency?

When the assessment of her boils down to either being a liar or one stupid … person … or both, what sort of DA’s would want to keep her as speaker of the House of Representatives? I mean … how dumb are they?

This is enough to give even the most ardent atheist or agnostic a little bit of religion, to pray every night that nothing happens to Barack Obama or Joe Biden.

Let’s see … the chain of succession, Barack Obama (I’ll leave off my description of him now but it has something to do with Brown Shirt Goons from Chicago) … to … Joe Biden (I think a movie was made about him … “Dumb and Dumber”) … then Nancy Pelosi ( Ha-ha -ha -ha -ha -ha …).

Geez … what a joke!!!!

Let’s see …

What do you get when you have a snake oil salesman, a moron, and a lying airhead in the same room?
The top three Democrats in Washington.

5/16/2009 Update:

There’s nothing in this article about the CIA, is there? Well, anyone who doesn’t know anything about the controversy regarding Nancy Pelosi and the CIA, her accusing the CIA of lying to her … and only to her … according to her four or five different versions of HER own lie …, well, you deserve Nancy Pelosi to be third in line for the U.S. presidency. The rest of us don’t.


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