Confidence in Nancy Pelosi … Why????

Robert Gibbs says today the White House, i.e. President Obama, still has confidence in Nancy Pelosi. Jim Webb, Democratic senator from Virginia, says he has confidence in Nancy Pelosi. So say a few other Democratic politicians like Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia and Democratic national chairman. Also, according to current polls, the population is about evenly split on whether they think Nancy Pelosi or the CIA is lying.

I think that’s amazing. Exactly which of the four or five versions of Nancy Pelosi’s story are they confident in?

And does that mean that they have no confidence in Leon Paneta, the Obama appointed head of the CIA who has basically said Nancy Pelosi is lying?

It sounds like a classic case of wanting to have the cake whole while eating it, too.

I’ll put my money on Leon Paneta not being the snake oil salesman. At least he hasn’t waffled all over the place like Pelosi with a lot of stammering and stuttering.

As far as the rest are concerned, Nancy Pelosi is the snake oil in four or five flavors, and a lot of Democrats, including all of those who voted her Speaker of the House, are trying to give the nation a large dose.

What’s amazing is that 50% of the nation are simply holding their nose and opening their mouths to take the dose. I wonder what else can be shoved into the open orifice.

Mooooooooooooo ….!!!! What a bunch of cows. There’s some more of that yellow liquid in your ear, people , and you’re still fixated on how warm and soothing it is.


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