Nancy Pelosi, Brain Dead … but her mouth doesn’t know it yet …

First of all, public speaker … she ain’t. Maybe her mouth is getting a hint that there isn’t anything upstairs. Fumbling, bungling, marginally coherent … pathetic. If she were not so vile, I might feel sorry for her.I sense that what few brains cells are still functioning within her cranium perceive that the environment might not be exactly friendly. The “deer in the headlights” analogy ? Hardly. Deer have a lot more sense even when revealed by headlights. Deer in the dark … well … in the dark, obviously … as in you’re clueless, Nancy.This woman is so full of dogma, there isn’t any room for intelligent assessment. I recently read a comment about San Franciscans, by someone who lives there … that half the population hears voices … causing confusion regarding the other half that’s talking into their bluetooth headsets. So, to which half does Nancy belong?

Question #1 regarding her CIA comments … she refuses to answer, other that saying she stands by her statement. Which one?  What were those three guys with her doing there other than running interference and killing time?

Well, she only took three questions. What a sleazy, fumbling, bungling wuss!! This woman REALLY irritates me!

So much for the weekly Speaker of the House briefing.


One Response

  1. My intent had been to leave this blank as a representation of her thought process however, can’t make a point if I leave this empty like her head.

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