Barbara Boxer’s Outburst Against Gen. Michael Walsh

It is, indeed, strange times we live in now  … when someone gets publicly harangued for being courteous and polite. But, hey, this is the “change” people voted for, right?

For responding correctly, politely and courteously to Senator Boxer with a, “Yes, Ma’am”, as anyone raised in a cultured family and trained in the military would have done, General Walsh was viciously rebuked and his manners were ridiculed by a woman who, frankly, revealed her lack of courtesy and etiquette as well as some apparent psychological deficiencies.

In her egocentric,paranoid and irrational passion to be addressed by her elected title, “Senator”, she exhibited a complete disregard for basic courtesy and an intrinsic lack of knowledge of what she purports to demand from others regarding herself.

Was Senator Boxer one of those who insisted on referring to President Bush as Mr. Bush?

Could it be possible that her own irrational sensitivity  to her  “hard earned title” is due to her own deliberate insults and intentionally demeaning conduct toward others?

More than 30 years ago I earned my M.D. degree and the right to be referred to as “Doctor”. Since that time many have referred to me by that title either out of respect or courtesy. Still, growing up in the South where good manners are still considered a sign of good breeding and proper instruction in etiquette, I accept the answer to a “yes” or “no” question as “Yes, sir” or No, sir” as being polite and correct. I’m also referred to as “Mister”, occasionally even by people who know I’m a physician. If they’ve intended an insult, they didn’t and don’t get the satisfaction of a reaction. Occasionally, I’ve simply been referred to as “Doc” which I considered a jovial title used to express friendship and affection.

I’ve noticed a number of nonphysicain “doctors” can sometimes get very anal about their title. Apparently, they’re eminently irritated that many people don’t consider nonphysicians as “doctors” and consider the title of “doctor” as reserved for physicians. Maybe that’s a Southern thing.

Anyway, outside of a professional setting, it’s no big deal to be referred to as “Mister” … and simple courteous conversation is always appreciated. I’m secure in the personal knowledge of my achievements and capabilities and don’t need to be addressed by a title to groom and pamper my ego.

Apparently, Senator Boxer’s ego is so fragile that she needs that constant reinforcement. And, that’s pathetic.

Senator Boxer’s outburst simply confirms to everyone the feelings of personal inadequacy that she must be tormented by everyday.


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