Michael Brown Says John McCain was Almost Democratic Vice Presidential candidate

On Fox News tonight, Democratic pundit, Michael Brown, for some reason alluded to the reported offer by John Kerry to John McCain for McCain to be Kerry’s vice presidential running mate four years ago.

I think he was trying to insinuate a more extreme liberal position for John McCain … sort of like … “Let’s put some doubts into the minds of those ultra conservative Republicans.”


Let’s also remember that Abraham Lincoln offered command of the Army of the Potomac to Robert E. Lee. It just didn’t happen.

I also suspect that Lee gave more consideration to Lincoln’s offer before saying, “No” than McCain gave to Kerry’s offer before, likewise, saying, “No thanks”.

Let me further say that this analogy is, in no way, intended to suggest that John McCain shares Lee’s views. The analogy is simply made, by an ignorant Southerner, to point out that sometimes offers are made that “Just ain’t gonna’ happen”.


Obama’s Speech Revisited

It’s been a week since Reverend Wright’s inflammatory hate mongering and race baiting were exposed and a little more than two days since Barack Obama’s now famous speech was delivered.

News venues like CNN and MSNBC a la Chris Matthews are hailing it as monumental, a speech first graders should be learning.

First graders??? … I don’t think so. It would probably be a little more appropriate in a college political science class. It’s not quite like George Washington admitting to chopping down the cherry tree. Yet, it may be like the Emancipation Proclamation where Abraham Lincoln conveniently forgot to free the slaves that weren’t in Confederate occupied territories. And, one hundred and forty five years later, people are still missing that point.

It IS a classic example of how a politician can say, “Yes, I lied. Yes, I tried to hide this from the public, and, through a process of smoke and mirrors, have tried … and possibly successfully … to completely bambozzle the public into missing that point.”

It’s not only that his supporters are spinning the speech favorably for him, his critics have almost totally missed his admission that only five days before, he was denying any knowledge of Reverend Wright’s inflammatory activities and statements, i.e., lying. Didn’t Bill Clinton get into some hot water for doing the same thing? But that’s okay, because Jeremiah Wright doesn’t condemn Bill Clinton for lying, but for “doing to black people what he did to Monica Lewinsky”. (It doesn’t quite have the same effect when written … without Reverend Wright’s crude body movements and facial expressions …, does it?)

Could a white person have delivered this speech successfully? Probably not. Doesn’t that, in essence, make Geraldine Ferraro’s statement, or argument, correct? Look at what happened to Bill Clinton. Why are Hillary Clinton and John McCain avoiding the issue like the plague?

Are Geraldine Ferraro’s assessment of Obama’s candidacy and his grandmother’s fear of black men and racial stereotyping really equal to Jeremiah Wright’s vehement hatred of whites? I think Barack Obama owes both of them an apology. Basically, all Geraldine Ferraro said was, “Close you eyes (just like Matthew McConaughey in “A Time to Kill”) and picture Barack Obama as … white, Asian, Latino or whatever … female … someone other than black. Would everyone be fawning over him?” Okay, he was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. So … Susan Estrich was the first female president of the Harvard Law Review in 1976… and she, frankly, has a lot more impressive credentials than either he or Hillary Clinton.

Since this speech, one black minister after another, in a feeble defense of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright, have stated that Reverend Wright’s diatribes are “typical” of black churches in America. For the past forty years white churches have made a conscious effort to move away from segregated congregations to being more universally inclusive … in both policy and rhetoric. Does anyone consider this “black liberation theology” anything other than exclusive? Do black people have to be bombarded with hatred every Sunday to feel empowered and self fulfilled? Barack Obama didn’t need to attend a madrasa. He had Jeremiah Wright.

There are many black people who are kind, generous, intelligent and thoughtful, who reach out to their fellow human beings, black and white, who shouldn’t and probably don’t need this rhetoric to feel good about themselves. People like Jeremiah Wright would and do refer to them as “Uncle Toms”. If Barack Obama is being honest about wanting to bring people of all races together, doesn’t that make him, according to Jeremiah Wright’s rhetoric, an “Uncle Tom” also … ?

I’m generally not a person to quote scripture but …

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).

Jeremiah Wright needs to revisit his scriptures.

And, Barack Obama needs to be honest and stop playing with smoke and mirrors.

One last thing …

Barack, do you really believe that your grandmother’s fears and sentiments are “typical” of white people … including all those millions of white people who have voted for you? Don’t you think that’s being a little paranoid …, not to mention insulting to all those people who have supported you?

Barack Obama’s Minister

Written 3/13/2008:

How long has Barack Obama been a member of the Trinity Church of Christ? Didn’t Barack Obama say it was through his church and its minister that he developed his relationship with Christ? Didn’t he also say it was through his relationship with this church and its minister that he developed his understanding of himself as a black man?

It’s apparent after listening to sound bites of Jeremiah Wright preaching his version of Christianity from the pulpit of Trinity Church of Christ that everyone really should stand back and ask a few questions about what Barack Obama really believes and what kind of relationship he has with Christ?

Jeremiah Wright, with his race baiting and hate-mongering as well as his vulgarity while ministering to his congregation, is unlike anything I have ever witnessed within the supposed sanctity of a church. It does appear obvious that his congregation seems to love his hate filled harangues. Jeremiah Wright makes Jim Baker and Jimmy Swiggert look like untainted heavenly angels. I don’t recall them ever preaching anything so hatefilled unless it was about the devil … or the IRS. Jeremiah Wright is so full of hatred for his fellow man and woman that the notion of him have consensual sex with another person even if illicit seems beyond comprehension. He only hates white people though, so that’s all right.

For some reason, I always thought that ordained ministers were to be held to a higher standard. I suppose it’s possible that the Church of Christ has very different standards which they consider “higher”. It really appears that they have no standards at all. Barack Obama may be successful in deluding people into thinking that he doesn’t share his minister’s (and mentor’s) beliefs, but I am curious as to how the chruch of Christ organization will do the same.

And, yes, Jeremiah Wright has been Barack Obama’s mentor as well as his minister in Chicago, a very long association dating back to the early 1980’s. I would be surprised if it weren’t Jeremiah Wright who assisted Barack Obama in getting his acceptance into Harvard Law School through some affirmative action process. After all, it’s never been my impression that being a B student in high school was Harvard material. Maybe he did better in college.

I’m just curious as to how a person can unify the country who is, by his own admission, so grossly preoccupied with race and his own racial identity and who finally found the answer to his racial identity in a hate filled buffoon like Jeremiah Wright.

Did Abraham Lincoln have someone like Jeremiah Wright in mind when he seemed to distance himself from organized religion?

Somehow, Barack Obama simply saying he doesn’t agree with everything Jeremiah Wright says, doesn’t quit relieve my concerns about his beliefs. He doesn’t exactly specify what part of Jeremiah Wright’s antics and pronouncements he doesn’t agree with. And, quite frankly, I find it hard to believe that Barack Obama has had such a long relationship with JeremiahWright if he isn’t in universal agreement with him. To put it another way, how can a person of good faith sit in church every Sunday and listen to the person talking to the congregation and not believe in what the speaker is saying … and do it for 20 plus years.

Based on what I’ve heard come from Jeremiah Wright’s mouth, the notion that Michelle Obama’s statement about her feelings regarding the United States of America has more of the ring of literal truth, especially when taken in the context of her thesis at Princeton.

I presume that we are now supposed to believe that Barack Obama has markedly different feelings from both his wife and his minister. Reverend Wright openly hates white people. Obama’s wife openly distrusts white people. Barack Obama sleeps with one every night and seeks his salvation through the ministrations of the other. Yet, he claims he is untouched by their influence. Interesting.

So, if Barack Obama is elected president of the United States we will have a first lady who is openly contemptable of a large part of the population of this country and a president who will have his spiritual needs fulfilled by a man like Jeremiah Wright. Very interesting indeed. I suppose that’s what he means by “change”.