ADL’s Attack on Glenn Beck Regarding Soros Remarks

On 11 November 2010 AbrahamĀ  Foxman of the Jewish anti-Defamation League criticized Glenn Beck’s depiction of George Soros during his early years in Budapest, Hungary where he, as a 14 year old, assisted in sending many of Budapest’s Jews to concentration camps for extermination, an experience which Soros himself perversely described as “exhilarating”.

For some inexplicable reason, Mr. Foxman seems to persist in describing a 14 year old as a “young boy” in his “childhood”, … like a child in kindergarten or grammar school.

A 14 year old isn’t a child. A 14 year old is a teenager and more appropriately described as a young adult, impressionable … but with many of his formative traits already well established. For a man who is now described as “brilliant” by many of his contemporaries, I can only imagine that his mental development was far beyond that of his peers at the age of 14. Depicting Mr. Soros as a 14 year old as some brainless automaton not responsible for his actions is, in itself, a rather naive assertion.

There was nothing anti-Semitic in Glenn Beck’s comments. George Soros freely admits that his mother was one of the most influential persons in his early life, a person with extreme anti-Semitic views. Soros’ strong support of anti- Israel Palestinians is just one example of his anti-Semitic and anti-Israel position.

The ADL, other Jewish organizations and Israel would do well to study and heed Glenn Beck’s assessment of George Soros and the many organizations that are extensions of HIS grand scheme. Glenn Beck is a friend to Israel and Jews. George Soros, a Jew by birth only, isn’t.