Obama, Obama … Wherefore art thou, Obama???

Or subtitle: “Is This Dud(e) Totally Whacked … or still snorting or smoking something?”


Third planet on the left or totally out of the solar system?

Well, he certainly isn’t functioning like he’s in the United States much less Washington, D.C. … well, maybe Washington, D.C. It seems to be disconnected from the rest of the country also … maybe another galaxy.

Egocentric, narcissistic, referring to himself in the third person …

Are these the characteristics of a person functioning on all cylinders? Is he, was he or has he ever functioned on all cylinders?

Maybe the president is watching too much MSNBC. They seemed to be the only “major” cable news network that didn’t comprehend the ramifications of the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts. After the Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, conceded the race, CNN and Fox News understood what had happened, but those loons on MSNBC … Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews … totally out in left field … figuratively and literally. I turned to MSNBC after the election was over just to see their response. It was like watching Saturday Night Live, hilarious … except the joke was on them. They were clueless.

It does appear that a majority of Democrats in Congress got the message and understand it. That, at least, is somewhat comforting since they control both houses of Congress although, thankfully, not as much as before the Massachusetts senatorial special election. It’s amazing how the sensation of being dunked in an ice cold lake can clear the mind to near sobriety … even those like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who have acted in the past year like Roman dictators inebriated with the sense of absolute power.

But not Barack Obama …

He goes on national television and has a temper tantrum … a “hissy” fit … like an over-indulged three year old who’s had his pacifier removed … which he was dreamily nursing on in his personal (induced?) alternate universe. Unfortunately, even after rudely and abruptly being denied his comforter and presumably awakened, he still couldn’t separate his dream state from reality.

I used to think that the President, Mr. Obama, was simply an inherent liar.  Now I’m beginning to have some doubts. I’m beginning to think that this poor man may simply be confabulating his own version of reality … much as he did in his two literary works.

Yesterday, in Ohio, he angrily complained about being falsely accused of cutting Medicare. But, aren’t there over $450 billion in Medicare cuts in his baby, the pending healthcare bill? Isn’t Medicare Advantage going to be eliminated in all states except Florida if the Healthcare bill were to pass?

He angrily defended his government transparency policy? Maybe he missed all of those sweetheart deals that were cut behind closed doors out of the public view, only to be the latest in the lack of transparency that has been prevalent since he ascended to the presidency.

Just a few examples …

The list seems to be endless. His angrily proclaimed perception … versus reality.

Could we be witnessing the first president with Munchousen Syndrome,  a person disguising himself as lucid and brilliant … while actually being delusional and disturbingly mediocre … promoted out of absolute obscurity to a position totally out of his capacity by a population hungry beyond rational thinking for simply … something different?

I think it’s entirely possible that Barack Obama may have another first to his credit in addition to being the first black president.

He may be the first president who is completely delusional … totally out of touch with reality.

Quite possibly, out of this country’s inherent kindness and generosity (which he seems to repeatedly fail to recognize), he should be, simply and quietly, sent back to South Chicago, that comforting womb which nurtured his kindred delusions and Marxist rantings in absolute … and impenetrable … obscurity) where he can also find undeniable comfort in again attending the church of Jeremiah Wright, his self proclaimed father figure and consort in delusional Marxist proclamations and rantings; and, not in the least, where he can do no further harm … hopefully. Pax vobiscum.

Now, there’s some food for thought.


Obama’s Speech Revisited

It’s been a week since Reverend Wright’s inflammatory hate mongering and race baiting were exposed and a little more than two days since Barack Obama’s now famous speech was delivered.

News venues like CNN and MSNBC a la Chris Matthews are hailing it as monumental, a speech first graders should be learning.

First graders??? … I don’t think so. It would probably be a little more appropriate in a college political science class. It’s not quite like George Washington admitting to chopping down the cherry tree. Yet, it may be like the Emancipation Proclamation where Abraham Lincoln conveniently forgot to free the slaves that weren’t in Confederate occupied territories. And, one hundred and forty five years later, people are still missing that point.

It IS a classic example of how a politician can say, “Yes, I lied. Yes, I tried to hide this from the public, and, through a process of smoke and mirrors, have tried … and possibly successfully … to completely bambozzle the public into missing that point.”

It’s not only that his supporters are spinning the speech favorably for him, his critics have almost totally missed his admission that only five days before, he was denying any knowledge of Reverend Wright’s inflammatory activities and statements, i.e., lying. Didn’t Bill Clinton get into some hot water for doing the same thing? But that’s okay, because Jeremiah Wright doesn’t condemn Bill Clinton for lying, but for “doing to black people what he did to Monica Lewinsky”. (It doesn’t quite have the same effect when written … without Reverend Wright’s crude body movements and facial expressions …, does it?)

Could a white person have delivered this speech successfully? Probably not. Doesn’t that, in essence, make Geraldine Ferraro’s statement, or argument, correct? Look at what happened to Bill Clinton. Why are Hillary Clinton and John McCain avoiding the issue like the plague?

Are Geraldine Ferraro’s assessment of Obama’s candidacy and his grandmother’s fear of black men and racial stereotyping really equal to Jeremiah Wright’s vehement hatred of whites? I think Barack Obama owes both of them an apology. Basically, all Geraldine Ferraro said was, “Close you eyes (just like Matthew McConaughey in “A Time to Kill”) and picture Barack Obama as … white, Asian, Latino or whatever … female … someone other than black. Would everyone be fawning over him?” Okay, he was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. So … Susan Estrich was the first female president of the Harvard Law Review in 1976… and she, frankly, has a lot more impressive credentials than either he or Hillary Clinton.

Since this speech, one black minister after another, in a feeble defense of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright, have stated that Reverend Wright’s diatribes are “typical” of black churches in America. For the past forty years white churches have made a conscious effort to move away from segregated congregations to being more universally inclusive … in both policy and rhetoric. Does anyone consider this “black liberation theology” anything other than exclusive? Do black people have to be bombarded with hatred every Sunday to feel empowered and self fulfilled? Barack Obama didn’t need to attend a madrasa. He had Jeremiah Wright.

There are many black people who are kind, generous, intelligent and thoughtful, who reach out to their fellow human beings, black and white, who shouldn’t and probably don’t need this rhetoric to feel good about themselves. People like Jeremiah Wright would and do refer to them as “Uncle Toms”. If Barack Obama is being honest about wanting to bring people of all races together, doesn’t that make him, according to Jeremiah Wright’s rhetoric, an “Uncle Tom” also … ?

I’m generally not a person to quote scripture but …

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).

Jeremiah Wright needs to revisit his scriptures.

And, Barack Obama needs to be honest and stop playing with smoke and mirrors.

One last thing …

Barack, do you really believe that your grandmother’s fears and sentiments are “typical” of white people … including all those millions of white people who have voted for you? Don’t you think that’s being a little paranoid …, not to mention insulting to all those people who have supported you?