ADL’s Attack on Glenn Beck Regarding Soros Remarks

On 11 November 2010 Abraham  Foxman of the Jewish anti-Defamation League criticized Glenn Beck’s depiction of George Soros during his early years in Budapest, Hungary where he, as a 14 year old, assisted in sending many of Budapest’s Jews to concentration camps for extermination, an experience which Soros himself perversely described as “exhilarating”.

For some inexplicable reason, Mr. Foxman seems to persist in describing a 14 year old as a “young boy” in his “childhood”, … like a child in kindergarten or grammar school.

A 14 year old isn’t a child. A 14 year old is a teenager and more appropriately described as a young adult, impressionable … but with many of his formative traits already well established. For a man who is now described as “brilliant” by many of his contemporaries, I can only imagine that his mental development was far beyond that of his peers at the age of 14. Depicting Mr. Soros as a 14 year old as some brainless automaton not responsible for his actions is, in itself, a rather naive assertion.

There was nothing anti-Semitic in Glenn Beck’s comments. George Soros freely admits that his mother was one of the most influential persons in his early life, a person with extreme anti-Semitic views. Soros’ strong support of anti- Israel Palestinians is just one example of his anti-Semitic and anti-Israel position.

The ADL, other Jewish organizations and Israel would do well to study and heed Glenn Beck’s assessment of George Soros and the many organizations that are extensions of HIS grand scheme. Glenn Beck is a friend to Israel and Jews. George Soros, a Jew by birth only, isn’t.


Barack Obama, Electric Cars and Little Red Riding Hood

Okay, now that I have your attention, I know you’re wondering what do Barack Obama, electric cars and Little Red Riding Hood have to do with one another?

Well, Barack Obama wants all of us to drive electric cars, right?

Little Red Riding Hood was going to Grandma’s house, right?

So …

How are we … all of us driving Barack’s electric cars … going to get to Grandma’s House … if she happens to live more than 60 or 100 miles away … and get back in the same day so we can go to work tomorrow … considering we go to Grandma’s on Sunday and it takes 8 to 10 hours to recharge our nifty electric cars … and we still have a job to go back to on Monday?

The reason I’m asking is because one of my grandmothers lived about 100 miles to the south … and the other lived about 100 miles to the east. So, the “hypothetical” isn’t really hypothetical but based on an actual case in point.

Contrary to popular belief, at least those espoused by people like Ward Churchill, all Southerners aren’t the results of inbreeding for generations within the confines of a single county’s boundaries. Some have actually attended a college or two and may have, heaven forbid, actually married someone from college … or … another state, or even from a large metropolitan city like … Atlanta … or even someone from Florida. Everyone with an ounce of sense knows that Florida has been inundated for years by retired union employees from up North and rich Yankees. Maybe those are the groups that Churchill keeps referring to. If that’s the case, Churchill’s rantings actually make a little sense.

Well, back to the point …

How are all of us going to get beyond the restriction of the 30 to 50 mile radius of electric cars?

Just wondering.

Fortunately for Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma only lived a short walk through the forest inhabited by the Big Bad Wolf. Maybe Señor Obama is secretly investing in Nike or Adidas … you know … hiking or jogging shoes. No … that couldn’t be it, because according to his financial information released for his presidential campaign he didn’t have a retirement plan or 401(k) and his current economic flailings aren’t consistent with anyone who gives a rat’s ass about the stock market … or any market for that matter. Well, maybe his buddy, George Soros, is investing in Nike or Adidas … you know … the hedge fund guru he went to see in New York two weeks before he announced his candidacy.

George Soros … the Big Bad Wolf … an interesting analogy. So what does that make Barack Obama … the Wolf’s pimp? Just a thought …

I wonder if I should change the title … you know … “Barack Obama, Electric Cars, Little Red Riding Hood and George Soros, the Big bad Wolf” … or … delete Obama’s name and put “The Pimp” in its place.

Did I just have a “fugue” … or a session of “free association”?

I think I’ll end on that.

Speculation Cause of Crude Price Rise, Soros Agrees

On May 7, 2008, I wrote a post stating that speculation in the commodities market was the cause of the dramatic rise in crude oil prices.

The Cause of the Crude Oil Crisis: Speculation

In testimony today, the world’s most famous speculator, George Soros, speaking before Congress, confirmed my assessment.

Soros says speculators contribute to oil ‘bubble’: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

Quite frankly, I’m surprised that Soros himself isn’t involved in the oil speculation. Although credited with numerous philanthropic endeavors, a review of these and his activities have never shown a disinclination to make a profit where ever available. Since much of his activities are hidden in offshore or foreign based vehicles, that possibility still can’t be ruled out. The current oil crisis is just the situation that would benefit Soros’ political agenda although certain aspects of it might backfire in his support for Obama and the Democrats since they seem to have little grasp of what needs to be done or are lacking in the political will to do anything.

Obama is extremely vitriolic in criticizing the gas tax holiday while proposing his $1000 tax rebate. It’s his version of “Let them eat cake” as opposed to simply offering a crust of bread. Somehow his bigger bribe isn’t supposed to be seen as “buying votes” where the lesser relief is.

According to Obama, we’re supposed to put wheels on our sailboats and hope for a wind to get us where we need to go.

The Kicked Dog Hollers

President Bush stated that it was foolish and dangerous for people to think that they can negotiate with terrorists and should remember that appeasement doesn’t work.

Barack Obama was the first … and only … person to cry foul. It must have struck a nerve.

President Bush’s comments most probably were directed at Jimmy Carter. Frankly, it’s amazing how much he reminds me of Neville Chamberlain.

But …

Barack Obama cries foul. Maybe he was planning some things that he just hasn’t informed the American public about.

Is it possible that Robert Malley as one of George Soros’ surrogates in the Obama Campaign was a sacrificial lamb to hide the truth?

Since Obama went to meet with Soros before he declared his candidacy for president, maybe everyone should look at Soros’ world vision to see what an Obama presidency will be like. I wonder if George has already reserved his dates for the Lincoln bedroom … or maybe all of the dates. That way, he won’t have far to go to prop his feet up on the desk in the oval office.

Is Obama a Victim of “Guilt by Association” or “Connecting the Dots”?

After receiving a comment on a recent post:

Obama Claims Mccain is “Loosing his bearings” regarding Hamas Support for Obama,

I wondered if Barack Obama was truly the victim of “guilt by association”. “Guilt by Association” is a phrase that everyone has been hearing a lot lately regarding attempts to connect or associate Barack Obama’s actual sentiments to those of his minister, Jeremiah Wright.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t believe Obama shares the feelings or beliefs of his minister.”?

As I’ve stated in a previous post, I actually considered voting for Obama rather than Hillary Clinton but realized that I knew very little about him. So, I set about to find out more about him and the more I found out, the less I liked.

As before, in trying to determine whether Obama is a “victim” of “guilt by association”, the more I found out the less I liked.

The crux of the question of whether Barack is a victim is,

“Why would Hamas prefer Obama as president of the United States?”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have to look that far.

Power Line: Hamas Endorses Obama

Back in 2007, Barack Obama appointed a fellow graduate of Harvard Law School, Robert Malley, as a foreign policy advisor to his campaign. Malley has a track record as being anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian and writing numerous anti-Israeli articles in cooperation with former Arafat advisors.

Sorry about that … more “guilt by association”. But, like Obama’s minister, Robert Malley was hand picked by Obama. Malley has a long track record and his pro-Palestinian sentiments aren’t exactly a secret.

It’s interesting to note that, like Jeremiah Wright, Hamas leaders attribute any anti-Hamas rhetoric by Obama as simply political posturing, specifically referring to Obama’s criticism of Jimmy Carter and his recent Middle East visit.

Some might say that it’s ridiculous to think that Hamas leaders might have any intimate knowledge of Barack Obama in any way as close to what Jeremiah Wright might have known or knows. Well, enter Robert Malley again.

Robert Malley has direct connections with and access to Middle Eastern leaders through his participation in ICG, International Crisis Group, for which he is the Middle East and African advisor. This also puts him on the payroll of George Soros who founded ICG and currently serves on its executive committee.

A “bio” of Robert Malley on can be viewed with the following “cut and paste” web address:

There are also a number of other interesting “hotlinks” at this site.

Of very little surprise, Obama’s appointment of Robert Malley as a foreign policy advisor is stricklingly consistent with a similar position held by Jeremiah wright’s church.

Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto

Needless to say, all of these acts of”guilt by association” are being decried by Obama supporters as “dirty or negative politics” such as the following found in the Huffington Post:

Obama Hamas Ties Pushed In McCain Letter: So Much For “Respectful” Campaign

It’s no surprise that what some may consider “guilt by association” others might simply consider a process of “connecting the dots”.

And it’s very interesting to see where the dots lead.