Obama, Obama … Wherefore art thou, Obama???

Or subtitle: “Is This Dud(e) Totally Whacked … or still snorting or smoking something?”


Third planet on the left or totally out of the solar system?

Well, he certainly isn’t functioning like he’s in the United States much less Washington, D.C. … well, maybe Washington, D.C. It seems to be disconnected from the rest of the country also … maybe another galaxy.

Egocentric, narcissistic, referring to himself in the third person …

Are these the characteristics of a person functioning on all cylinders? Is he, was he or has he ever functioned on all cylinders?

Maybe the president is watching too much MSNBC. They seemed to be the only “major” cable news network that didn’t comprehend the ramifications of the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts. After the Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, conceded the race, CNN and Fox News understood what had happened, but those loons on MSNBC … Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews … totally out in left field … figuratively and literally. I turned to MSNBC after the election was over just to see their response. It was like watching Saturday Night Live, hilarious … except the joke was on them. They were clueless.

It does appear that a majority of Democrats in Congress got the message and understand it. That, at least, is somewhat comforting since they control both houses of Congress although, thankfully, not as much as before the Massachusetts senatorial special election. It’s amazing how the sensation of being dunked in an ice cold lake can clear the mind to near sobriety … even those like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who have acted in the past year like Roman dictators inebriated with the sense of absolute power.

But not Barack Obama …

He goes on national television and has a temper tantrum … a “hissy” fit … like an over-indulged three year old who’s had his pacifier removed … which he was dreamily nursing on in his personal (induced?) alternate universe. Unfortunately, even after rudely and abruptly being denied his comforter and presumably awakened, he still couldn’t separate his dream state from reality.

I used to think that the President, Mr. Obama, was simply an inherent liar.  Now I’m beginning to have some doubts. I’m beginning to think that this poor man may simply be confabulating his own version of reality … much as he did in his two literary works.

Yesterday, in Ohio, he angrily complained about being falsely accused of cutting Medicare. But, aren’t there over $450 billion in Medicare cuts in his baby, the pending healthcare bill? Isn’t Medicare Advantage going to be eliminated in all states except Florida if the Healthcare bill were to pass?

He angrily defended his government transparency policy? Maybe he missed all of those sweetheart deals that were cut behind closed doors out of the public view, only to be the latest in the lack of transparency that has been prevalent since he ascended to the presidency.

Just a few examples …

The list seems to be endless. His angrily proclaimed perception … versus reality.

Could we be witnessing the first president with Munchousen Syndrome,  a person disguising himself as lucid and brilliant … while actually being delusional and disturbingly mediocre … promoted out of absolute obscurity to a position totally out of his capacity by a population hungry beyond rational thinking for simply … something different?

I think it’s entirely possible that Barack Obama may have another first to his credit in addition to being the first black president.

He may be the first president who is completely delusional … totally out of touch with reality.

Quite possibly, out of this country’s inherent kindness and generosity (which he seems to repeatedly fail to recognize), he should be, simply and quietly, sent back to South Chicago, that comforting womb which nurtured his kindred delusions and Marxist rantings in absolute … and impenetrable … obscurity) where he can also find undeniable comfort in again attending the church of Jeremiah Wright, his self proclaimed father figure and consort in delusional Marxist proclamations and rantings; and, not in the least, where he can do no further harm … hopefully. Pax vobiscum.

Now, there’s some food for thought.


Watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

Last night, I awoke from a nap and decided to do a little channel surfing down ( and to the left) in the news media range of channels to see what the “other channels” were talking about. I was actually headed for CNN but went one number too far and wound up on MSNBC. It’s both ironic and appropriate that both of these channels, at least in my viewing area, are assigned smaller numbers than Fox News. In our English language writing left to right, it puts both of them to the left and naturally lower in value.

The anchor, or show star as she turned out to be, was Rachel Maddow of the Rachel Maddow Show, some sort of purulent personality that MSNBC managed to dredge out of some fermenting cesspool. She was bantering with another airhead, Ana Marie Cox, of , appropriately enough, Air America … a slight misnomer. This woman was, as reported by Air America, hired by them to report on, among other things, happenings on Main Street America. She sounds more like someone they scrapped off of Back Street America when they came upon her soliciting in the red light district.

These women were commenting on the activities of 15 April by the tens of thousands who were protesting the Obama Administration’s dramatic spending spree, Conservatives go teabagging. They seemed to be sharing some inside joke about “tea bagging” in reference to the Tea Parties that were being held all across the nation.They thought it was particularly humorous that people were actually wearing tea bags on their glasses, hats and other accessories.

I got the distinct impression that I was eavesdropping on two crab infested hookers at a clip joint rather than listening to two news commentators discussing the day’s events.

Apparently, one of several definitions of “tea bagging” is a crude slang reference for a person experiencing oral sex from another actually having the scrotum and contents taken into the mouth of the other person.

Frankly, it struck me that the two women appeared to be sharing some mutual experience on that matter … possibly job related … or something.

It WAS interesting … but I was looking for some alternative information on the news and wasn’t particularly seeking information on these two women’s sex lives or obtaining any insight into their sexual preferences.

Needless to say, it simply reaffirmed my impression of MSNBC. Now I know if I’m looking for some Jerry Springer type of entertainment, I can count on MSNBC to giving me my fill. So much for news though …

Yeah. Rachel is the slug and MSNBC is the rock she crawls out from under on a weekly basis.

Susan Rice Accuses McCain of Worsening Georgian Situation

Fox News reported this morning that Susan Rice, a senior foreign policy advisor for the Obama campaign, on MSNBC last night accused Senator John McCain of aggravating the Russian invasion of the country of Georgia, stating that he shot from the hip.

susan rice « FOX Embeds « FOXNews.com

Senator McCain, unlike Senator Obama, has been a long time friend of the president of Georgia,

Mikheil Saakashvili, and has stated in recent interviews that he has been in daily contact with the president of that country. Senator McCain has also stated that he has been a ardent supporter of the emerging democracies which have been created from the former client states of the USSR.

Georgia (country) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

While Senator Obama has been on vacation in Hawaii and President Bush has been at the Beijing Olympics games, Senator McCain has been actively campaigning as well as staying on top of the situation as it developed in Georgia.

While Ms. Rice has impressive credentials,

Susan E. Rice – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

, they don’t necessarily guarantee either an accurate or realistic assessment of world situations.

Historical perspective has repeatedly shown that weak responses to Soviet goals and aggression have been met with more overt aggression. There is no reason to believe that the current regime, led by former KGB agent, Vladimir Putin, would react any differently.

From Truman’s Berlin Airlift in response to Stalin’s ground blockade of that city to Kennedy’s Cuban blockade in response to Kruschev’s placement of strategic nuclear missiles in Cuba, positions of strength have been the only position that Soviet or Russian leaders have respected.

Positions perceived as weakness such as Kennedy’s meeting with Kruschev in Vienna or Jimmy Carter’s unilateral disarmament policies have only been met with more aggressive actions on the part of the Soviet or Russian leadership.

John Kennedy was naive in his initial dealings with the Soviet leadership which led to the construction of the Berlin Wall and the USSR’s decision to place nuclear missiles in Cuba. Jimmy Carter was equally naive by reducing America’s naval surface fleet by nearly two thirds.

Quite frankly, the entire process of downsizing the US military as a “peace dividend” which began after the end of the first Iraq War under the first President Bush and vigoriously continued under the Clinton administration and Bush II’s administration has appeared to be a serious error since the beginning of the current Iraqi War.

Russia’s rapid deployment of large numbers of troops into Georgia as well as it’s blockade of the Georgian coast within 24 hours of the onset of hostilities with surface ships based in the Ukraine on the other side of the Black Sea as well as the cyber attacks on Georgian government websites which began weeks before the Russian invasion of that country readily show that the Russian strategy was well thought out and planned long before Georgia’s attempt to regain control of South Ossetia, part of its sovereign territory, which lies in the heart of the country. The Russian tactic of issuing passports to citizens of a foreign country to use “protection of Russian citizens” is a poorly veiled excuse for it’s aggressive invasion of a sovereign nation.

Coordinated Russia vs Georgia cyber attack in progress

It has become very evident that the Russian leadership has ambitions of restoring its control over the sovereign nations of eastern Europe even though the old Soviet government is gone.

The United States and the other countries of NATO need to decide if they are going to determine the future of Europe or allow Russia to reassert it dominence in eastern Europe, in essence reestablishing the previous Soviet or Russian empire.

Much has been said about excluding Russia from the G8 as a response to their actions. Further action needs to be taken. NATO and the EU need to put all of the countries in eastern Europe on a fast track to membership which will draw a line in the sand at the very borders of Russia. Otherwise, the Russians will take the liberty to draw their own line in the sand at a position of their choosing, a process they’ve already begun.

In addition the United States needs to begin the painful process of rebuilding its military to a capability that will deter aggression by foreign governments or any other entity. Ronald Reagan knew and proved that peace can only be achieved from a position of strength.

Susan Rice has impressive credentials. So does Barack Obama, So did Jimmy Carter and John Kennedy. Their impressive credentials and intellect didn’t keep aggressive leaders like Nikita Kruschev or Leonid Brezhnev from chewing them up and spitting them out … figuratively speaking. It won’t keep people like Vladimir Putin from doing the same to Ms. Rice and Senator Obama.

I’ve known a number of very intelligent people during my lifetime who didn’t have the sense to get in out of a shower of rain or a thunderstorm. I’m really wondering about Ms. Rice. It could be that the person who inadvertently shot from the hip was Susan Rice and not John McCain. Maybe she needs to think a little bit more before she speaks.

Ms. Rice’s comment that John McCain has aggravated the situation in Georgia sounds overtly political as well as simplistic and naive.

Barack Obama Claims Kennedy Talked the Soviet Union Missles Out of Cuba

Wait a minute.

Barack Obama, in trying to rebuke John McCain’s statement that he, Obama, is inexperienced in foreign diplomacy by wanting to talk to America’s enemies, said in a speech today that John Kennedy talked the Soviets into removing their missiles from Cuba.

Was growing up in Middle Georgia something of a dream … or rather nightmare … during that time or is Barack Obama conveniently rewriting American History to suit his presidential campaign?

I grew up in a small town in middle Georgia which had two major railways that crossed just east of the courthouse. My parent’s home was at the top of a hill about five blocks above and north of the downtown area with its’ one stoplight one block north of the courthouse. The major north-south line which I think was Atlantic Coastline Railway ran through a shallow ravine about three blocks behind and east of my parents home. From our vantage point we could see the cars and flatbeds of every train that came through on that line.

I can recall cars loaded with armaments heading south … tanks, trucks, jeeps, … missiles … all loaded and headed South … dark painted passenger cars for troops.

I recall going to visit relatives in LaGrange and passing through the small hamlet of Mauk … multiple midrange ICBM’s on flatbed cars with a command car parked on the sidings at this two or three house spot in the middle of nowhere … the cars painted that dark Air Force blue.

OF course we couldn’t see those parts of the Atlantic fleet that were carrying out the Cuban Blockade to stop the Soviet Union from delivering (more) nuclear missiles to Cuba … bu they were plenty evident on the TV.

I was satisfied from my “safe” home far from Cuba that I was seeing as much of a potential war as I wanted to. At the ripe old age of 11, I along with many of my friends, were getting our own first hand view of what a military crisis looked like. The Cuban Missile Crisis wasn’t taking place more than a thousand miles from home. It was taking place in our back yards. Furthermore, we were all well aware that, should hostilities break out living less than 50 miles from Robins AFB with it’s Strategic Air Command facilities would afford us the opportunity for a front row view of what living with high levels of nuclear fallout would be.

The most affluent families quickly purchased and installed fallout shelters in their back yards. They were the hottest things selling that fall for the privileged few. We weren’t one of the affluent. My father, as a government employee, was part of the Civil Defense Cadre. One evening, during that time, I got my first look at a Geiger counter. The little ticking noise heard when you turned it on sounded slightly ominous … background radiation my father explained. I’m not sure that it wasn’t the soul piece of equipment that he received to perform his duties. Maybe he got one of those yellow helmets too. Personally, I was morbidly fascinated by the Geiger counter.

I think my father, besides not having the money to buy a fallout shelter, was rather pragmatic. What would the fallout shelter buy you other than a little claustrophobic time? Besides that, I don’t think he looked forward to living in a 7 by 12 cylinder with my sisters and me for a couple of weeks … or months. Just kidding … I know he loved all of us and would have done anything he felt was practical for us. I just don’t think he considered surviving a nuclear holocaust if at all possible given our proximity to Robins AFB was in any way practical.

Right Dad, you check the radiation levels 50 miles from ground zero (if the Russians were that accurate) and tell all of those people with the fallout shelters when it’s safe to come out … if you live that long. Frankly, in my Podunk, Georgia, there were no public buildings … or any other buildings … adequate for public fallout shelters.

Is that the talking diplomacy of John F. Kennedy that Barack Obama is referring to?

If I remember correctly, it was Kennedy’s ineptitude in Vienna, Austria in a meeting with Khrushchev a little earlier where Krushchev made him look like a pimple on an adolescent boy’s nose combined with his total botching of the Bay of Pigs invasion that led to the mess we were in.

Bay of Pigs Invasion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kennedy was so ineffective that Khruschev started building the Berlin Wall a month or so later and started putting missiles in Cuba a year later. Khruschev was definitely impressed with John f. Kennedy.

This is the person Barack Obama wants to emulate. Does it remind you of the movie, “Dumb and Dumber”?

I recently saw part of the Ted Sorenson interview on the “Tim Russert Show” on MSNBC. Fortunately, I didn’t get to watch the entire episode. I was queasy enough after seeing just the end of the interview. It was another lovefest reminescent of the Bill Moyers/ Jeremiah Wright interview on PBS. Somehow, Sorenson managed to convert his high school debating skills into world saving wisdom and aptitude. And, Tim Russert couldn’t “oou” and “aaah” enough, “Imagine that … high school debating skills … Oouuu …. Aaaah.” I had to check the channel and TV listings to make sure I wasn’t watching Big Bird on Sesame Street.

Tim Russert show on MSNBC – Meet the Press, online at MSNBC- msnbc.com

Sorenson was bragging about being one of Kennedy’s new intellectual advisors replacing “those advisors” who had been there for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The only problem he failed to mention was the man at the head of the table was still the same.

So …

Is Barack Obama going to take us back to the Kennedy days? Is that his view of the future and “change”?

Frankly, it sounds like more “SOS” to me …