Obama, Obama … Wherefore art thou, Obama???

Or subtitle: “Is This Dud(e) Totally Whacked … or still snorting or smoking something?”


Third planet on the left or totally out of the solar system?

Well, he certainly isn’t functioning like he’s in the United States much less Washington, D.C. … well, maybe Washington, D.C. It seems to be disconnected from the rest of the country also … maybe another galaxy.

Egocentric, narcissistic, referring to himself in the third person …

Are these the characteristics of a person functioning on all cylinders? Is he, was he or has he ever functioned on all cylinders?

Maybe the president is watching too much MSNBC. They seemed to be the only “major” cable news network that didn’t comprehend the ramifications of the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts. After the Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, conceded the race, CNN and Fox News understood what had happened, but those loons on MSNBC … Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews … totally out in left field … figuratively and literally. I turned to MSNBC after the election was over just to see their response. It was like watching Saturday Night Live, hilarious … except the joke was on them. They were clueless.

It does appear that a majority of Democrats in Congress got the message and understand it. That, at least, is somewhat comforting since they control both houses of Congress although, thankfully, not as much as before the Massachusetts senatorial special election. It’s amazing how the sensation of being dunked in an ice cold lake can clear the mind to near sobriety … even those like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who have acted in the past year like Roman dictators inebriated with the sense of absolute power.

But not Barack Obama …

He goes on national television and has a temper tantrum … a “hissy” fit … like an over-indulged three year old who’s had his pacifier removed … which he was dreamily nursing on in his personal (induced?) alternate universe. Unfortunately, even after rudely and abruptly being denied his comforter and presumably awakened, he still couldn’t separate his dream state from reality.

I used to think that the President, Mr. Obama, was simply an inherent liar.  Now I’m beginning to have some doubts. I’m beginning to think that this poor man may simply be confabulating his own version of reality … much as he did in his two literary works.

Yesterday, in Ohio, he angrily complained about being falsely accused of cutting Medicare. But, aren’t there over $450 billion in Medicare cuts in his baby, the pending healthcare bill? Isn’t Medicare Advantage going to be eliminated in all states except Florida if the Healthcare bill were to pass?

He angrily defended his government transparency policy? Maybe he missed all of those sweetheart deals that were cut behind closed doors out of the public view, only to be the latest in the lack of transparency that has been prevalent since he ascended to the presidency.

Just a few examples …

The list seems to be endless. His angrily proclaimed perception … versus reality.

Could we be witnessing the first president with Munchousen Syndrome,  a person disguising himself as lucid and brilliant … while actually being delusional and disturbingly mediocre … promoted out of absolute obscurity to a position totally out of his capacity by a population hungry beyond rational thinking for simply … something different?

I think it’s entirely possible that Barack Obama may have another first to his credit in addition to being the first black president.

He may be the first president who is completely delusional … totally out of touch with reality.

Quite possibly, out of this country’s inherent kindness and generosity (which he seems to repeatedly fail to recognize), he should be, simply and quietly, sent back to South Chicago, that comforting womb which nurtured his kindred delusions and Marxist rantings in absolute … and impenetrable … obscurity) where he can also find undeniable comfort in again attending the church of Jeremiah Wright, his self proclaimed father figure and consort in delusional Marxist proclamations and rantings; and, not in the least, where he can do no further harm … hopefully. Pax vobiscum.

Now, there’s some food for thought.


Barack Obama said, “I speak in paragraphs.”

Well, Barack. I speak in English.

Last night, during his segment of the “Compassion Forum” sponsored by CNN in Pennsylvania, Barack in apparent frustration stated, “I speak in paragraphs”, an apparent allusion to many of his statements, or mis-statements being taken “out of context”.

Okay. As I said, “I speak in English.”

English is comprised of “words” which, when put together can form “phrases” which when put together can make sentences which when joined with other sentences can form paragraphs. Each at their own level can have significant meaning.

Barack, this is more fundamental and basic than English 101. Get a grip. Take a refresher course if necessary. I’m sorry that an elitist American education didn’t point this out to you. I learned this in Podunk, Georgia. I didn’t need to go to Columbia or Harvard for this to sink in.

I’ve read that the hardest part of Harvard is “getting in”, that it’s very hard to “flunk out”. Maybe after 100 plus years of a progressive educational program, they should rethink their policy. Maybe, at least, they need to consider something remedial in English … in honor of you, Barack.

As a matter of fact, I have two daughters that could teach you. The oldest had a perfect score on the verbal part of the GRE and the youngest has scored an 800 on the verbal part of the SAT. If you’re polite, one of them might consider tutoring you.

Yes, Barack. Words, even taken “out of context” do have meaning. That’s why we have dictionaries so that people, even you, can understand the meaning of words and thus use them in “proper context”.

You should appreciate this when you along with others have been so vocal in criticising various people in their choice of words. It really gets you when it comes back to bite you on the butt, doesn’t it?

When Don Imus had some derogatory and irreverent comments about the women’s basketball team at Princeton, you, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were very quick to call for his job if not his head. Don Imus was derogatory and irreverent of everyone. In the context of his normal dialogue, he treated them no differently from the way he treated anyone else. But, he went too far … “in context” or “out of context”. Right?

Well, Barack. You’re going to be held to the same standard you espoused. It’s only fair. Every paragraph, sentence, phrase and word IS going to be parsed … looking for the slightest indication of insensitivity, arrogance and narcissism that you are becoming noted for which is indicative of your true character. The use of the phrase, “typical white person” or the words, “clinging” and “bitter”, do have their own meaning and when taken in the context of additional words like “guns” and “religion” or “antipathy” and “anti-immigrant”, they have even more meaning.

People just don’t like you looking down your nose at them, a nose which, by the way, is also assuming a length fast approaching your shoe size that would make even Pinocchio astonished.

You deserve to be held to the same standard which you use to criticize, deride and defame other people. Welcome to the world outside of South Chicago, Harvard Law School, Columbia University, preppy Hawaii or Indonesia.