Barack Obama said, “I speak in paragraphs.”

Well, Barack. I speak in English.

Last night, during his segment of the “Compassion Forum” sponsored by CNN in Pennsylvania, Barack in apparent frustration stated, “I speak in paragraphs”, an apparent allusion to many of his statements, or mis-statements being taken “out of context”.

Okay. As I said, “I speak in English.”

English is comprised of “words” which, when put together can form “phrases” which when put together can make sentences which when joined with other sentences can form paragraphs. Each at their own level can have significant meaning.

Barack, this is more fundamental and basic than English 101. Get a grip. Take a refresher course if necessary. I’m sorry that an elitist American education didn’t point this out to you. I learned this in Podunk, Georgia. I didn’t need to go to Columbia or Harvard for this to sink in.

I’ve read that the hardest part of Harvard is “getting in”, that it’s very hard to “flunk out”. Maybe after 100 plus years of a progressive educational program, they should rethink their policy. Maybe, at least, they need to consider something remedial in English … in honor of you, Barack.

As a matter of fact, I have two daughters that could teach you. The oldest had a perfect score on the verbal part of the GRE and the youngest has scored an 800 on the verbal part of the SAT. If you’re polite, one of them might consider tutoring you.

Yes, Barack. Words, even taken “out of context” do have meaning. That’s why we have dictionaries so that people, even you, can understand the meaning of words and thus use them in “proper context”.

You should appreciate this when you along with others have been so vocal in criticising various people in their choice of words. It really gets you when it comes back to bite you on the butt, doesn’t it?

When Don Imus had some derogatory and irreverent comments about the women’s basketball team at Princeton, you, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were very quick to call for his job if not his head. Don Imus was derogatory and irreverent of everyone. In the context of his normal dialogue, he treated them no differently from the way he treated anyone else. But, he went too far … “in context” or “out of context”. Right?

Well, Barack. You’re going to be held to the same standard you espoused. It’s only fair. Every paragraph, sentence, phrase and word IS going to be parsed … looking for the slightest indication of insensitivity, arrogance and narcissism that you are becoming noted for which is indicative of your true character. The use of the phrase, “typical white person” or the words, “clinging” and “bitter”, do have their own meaning and when taken in the context of additional words like “guns” and “religion” or “antipathy” and “anti-immigrant”, they have even more meaning.

People just don’t like you looking down your nose at them, a nose which, by the way, is also assuming a length fast approaching your shoe size that would make even Pinocchio astonished.

You deserve to be held to the same standard which you use to criticize, deride and defame other people. Welcome to the world outside of South Chicago, Harvard Law School, Columbia University, preppy Hawaii or Indonesia.


Obama Did What in Your Ear?????

Okay, I know you’re wondering what this one is about. I’ve been debating about whether to use it ever since I started this blog, but I just finally couldn’t resist.

The South like other areas has it’s parables … and this is what my blog is supposed to be about … the southern perspective … and wisdom.

My father worked for the federal government in one of the agricultural agencies and had an office in the local courthouse annex. One of the local politicians … and a big mover in the Democratic party in my county and in the state of Georgia … would come, sit and talk to him when he (the elderly politician) wasn’t busy keeping watch over his sons who were running his cotton gin and warehouses. You have to remember that, back then, in Georgia, when the Democratic Primary was over, the elective process was over … practically … at least for state and local elections. We will refer to this politician as “Mr. Tom”.

Mr. Tom told my father the following Southern parable:

“Son, imagine you have an earache. Someone comes along and ‘pees’ in your ear. It feels warm and soothing. Just remember. It’s still ‘pee’.”

Occasionally, some of what Barack Obama says isn’t that far from what I believe or agree with. That might surprise you. I’m not an ultra right wing ideologue.

The problem is, I just don’t trust the messenger. I have a primordial gut instinct that tells me he’s lying and doesn’t believe what he, himself, is saying … to get votes. There’s just too much about him that doesn’t seem like it’s going to make it through the carwash … and the car needs a cleaning really bad … to see what it really is.

There are many lessons in history if you only look for yourself and don’t believe everything that you hear.

Fidel Castro as a law student sold the Cuban middle class a bill of goods that he was fighting to free them from an oppressive dictator and they supported him, won his victory for him. Then he stripped them of their property, imprisoned them, tortured them and murdered them.

I’m not saying that Barack Obama is or will be like Fidel Castro. But, I’m not sure that, like Castro, Obama isn’t using people, telling them what they want to hear and the message differs a lot from crowd to crowd. His position sways too much with the breeze if you understand my meaning. And, he’s already been caught in a awful lot of lies and “inaccuracies”.

This “Black Liberation Theology” which he sat and listened to for 20 or so years has been implicated in have some definite Marxist underpinnings … in addition to its racial and racist stereotyping, ergo, “typical white person”. I’m going to do more research on this so-called “theology” and find out for myself. You should, too. I find it very interesting that the website for “Trumpet Magazine”, a publication run by two of Jeremiah Wright’s daughters, has been “sanitized”. That I know for a fact. What are they trying to hide? And why?

So …

Remember that old Southern parable … and protect your ears.

Jeremiah Wright’s Misrepresentation of the Tuskegee Study

Listening to the sound bites of Jeremiah Wright’s inflammatory sermons, we repeatedly hear his claim that blacks were given syphilis by the United States government. It is the prominent part of his justification for his claim that the government “invented” AIDS for the purpose of genocide against black people.

We also hear black ministers use the Tuskegee Study as validation of Wright’s claims in his sermons and a justification of their paranoia.

I was first introduced to information about this study many years ago, in fact just a few years after the study had ended and, somehow, Wright’s claim that black men were “given” syphilis just didn’t have the ring of truth to it. The study was taught as a classic example of how studies of medical treatment can go terribly wrong over the process of time and was part of the basis for new and more strigent criteria and guidelines for setting up studies in medical research.

The study was begun in the early 1930’s when the only treatment for syphilis were toxic heavy metals such as arsenic and less toxic silver salts. The study was set up to determine if treatment with these substances were, in fact, beneficial to the persons receiving the treament. Part of the study was a cohort of patients who were untreated versus a group who was treated with the standard treatments of the time.

The major problem with the study comes when penicillin became standard and accepted treatment for syphilis in 1947. The study didn’t end until 1972 and the untreated cohort remained untreated and uninformed about the availability of effective treatment.The study was conducted by the U. S. Public Health Service. See:


_the_Negro_Male”>Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male</a>.

The U.S. Public Health Service didn’t obtain informed consent and didn’t offer treatment when effective treatment became available … for about 25 years … which was reprehensible.

What the U.S. Public Health Service did not do, as Jeremiah Wright claims, was infect the persons in the study with syphilis.

While using the study as an example of how blacks may have been discriminated against by not being offered treatment when available, to state that the government infected the patients with syphilis is both disingenious and a lie.

The question has to asked, “Why would Reverend Jeremiah Wright with all his degrees and reported intelligence, at a minimum, distort the truth or, more accurately, simply outright lie about the study?”

What points is he trying to make with his fallacious claims?

I can only surmise that it suites his purpose, and the purpose of others like him, to promote a sense of fear and distrust among blacks of the government (run by rich white people) and white people in general. Is this part of Barack Obama’s “typical white person” stereotype.

Frankly, I’m surprised that no one else has pointed out this discrepancy in Wright’s statements since the true information is so readily available. Any physician or medical researcher should know that Jeremiah Wright just wasn’t being honest … and that says a lot about his character. I think it also says a lot about his ardent supporters, their honesty, integrity, judgment and thoroughness.

Tonight, I’ve heard a lot of black ministers step up in a news interview defending Jeremiah Wright claiming that Wright’s methods of preaching are typical of black ministers. I would hope that lying and distorting the truth isn’t “typical” for black ministers. Then they’re less ministers and more demagogues like Jim Baker and Jerry Swiggert.