Ohio’s Senator Sherrod Brown’s Connection to SEIU and ACORN

Sherrod Brown , the junior senator from Ohio, has an indirect family connection to ACORN.

According to the Wikipedia article cited about, as of 18 September 2009,

Brown’s daughter Emily works for the Service Employees International Union

Sherrod Brown has been an extremely liberal Democrat during his political career and now is frequently seen happily trailing on the heels of President Barack Obama much like a faithful puppy. No offense intended to puppies.

The Service Employees International Union is the union that had two of its major locals prominently displayed on the ACORN site. For some strange and unknown reason, back in the spring ACORN scrubbed its site of any reference to the SEIU where previously it had claimed two of its locals, 100 and 880, as prominent and major affiliates. The article, ACORN Covering Up SEIU Ties? reported on this affiliation and the change. If you take the time to read some of the rhetoric and goals of both the SEIU and the ACORN sites, you will see that it’s hard to distinguish between the two. I had actually looked at the ACORN site back in the early spring or winter and you would have thought, based on the ACORN site, that ACORN controlled the entire SEIU. Frankly, I’m not sure how distant that impression was or is from the actual truth.

Remember, ACORN and SEIU local 100, the one mentioned above, still share the same building and office space in New Orleans.

Senator Brown’s daughter works for the SEIU which has had extremely close affiliations with ACORN. Is this one of those cases where the ACORN doesn’t fall far from the tree?


4 Responses

  1. Where’s the evidence that ACORN did not work for the benefit of the poor or that SEIU does not represent the interests of its workers? Doesn’t SEIU hold elections? If the elected leaders are not doing a good job of representing the workers’ interests the membership has the opportunity to vote them out. Why do you think you have a better perspective on the type of job the SEIU leadership is doing than the union’s membership?

    • Ohhh … I don’t know.

      Let’s see.

      How much money did Andy Stern’s brother embezzle from ACORN … about a million dollars … give or take a few hundred thousand?

      And how about those workers’ pension funds? Fundings have dropped from more than 100% to, in many cases in ranges from less than 65% to 80% while the officer’s fundings are comfortably at 110%. It really sounds like they’re looking out for the members.

      Don’t they teach you to read and do research at OSU or do they simply crack open your skull and pour in or remove what they do or don’t want you to know?

  2. Wow! Sherrod Brown’s daughter works for SEIU?! Is that legal? After all it’s a LABOR UNION! And it shares the same goals as ACORN?! And office space in New Orleans?! Better call the FBI! And what would those shared goals be – world conquest? You can’t imagine why ACORN might have removed mention of SEIU from its site when McCarthyite witch hunters like you are slithering around? Earl-No-Last-Name, you have produced nothing but empty innuendo in your column above. Where is there any evidence of wrongdoing by your targets? Oh, yeah, I forgot, they represent workers and the poor. I’m sure they have damaged our society to a much greater extent than, say, …the BANKS.

    • Innuendo?

      I suppose one could intrepret my final question as “innuendo”, hardly empty though. The rest of the article is basically stating facts.

      If there were no problem with the association between ACORN and the SEIU, why would they go to such lengths to distance themselves from one another? Why has ACORN now changed its name?

      Does ACORN … or whatever it’s now called … really represent the poor or use them for the interests of the people who formed it … who weren’t the poor?

      Does the SEIU really represent the interests of service employees or use them for the interests of the people who formed it, who happen to be the same people who formed ACORN?

      McCarthyism? Really? That analogy is yours.

      Here’s my analogy. If you spend your day hanging around a corrupted carcass, the stench goes home with you.

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