Is Obama a Victim of “Guilt by Association” or “Connecting the Dots”?

After receiving a comment on a recent post:

Obama Claims Mccain is “Loosing his bearings” regarding Hamas Support for Obama,

I wondered if Barack Obama was truly the victim of “guilt by association”. “Guilt by Association” is a phrase that everyone has been hearing a lot lately regarding attempts to connect or associate Barack Obama’s actual sentiments to those of his minister, Jeremiah Wright.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t believe Obama shares the feelings or beliefs of his minister.”?

As I’ve stated in a previous post, I actually considered voting for Obama rather than Hillary Clinton but realized that I knew very little about him. So, I set about to find out more about him and the more I found out, the less I liked.

As before, in trying to determine whether Obama is a “victim” of “guilt by association”, the more I found out the less I liked.

The crux of the question of whether Barack is a victim is,

“Why would Hamas prefer Obama as president of the United States?”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have to look that far.

Power Line: Hamas Endorses Obama

Back in 2007, Barack Obama appointed a fellow graduate of Harvard Law School, Robert Malley, as a foreign policy advisor to his campaign. Malley has a track record as being anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian and writing numerous anti-Israeli articles in cooperation with former Arafat advisors.

Sorry about that … more “guilt by association”. But, like Obama’s minister, Robert Malley was hand picked by Obama. Malley has a long track record and his pro-Palestinian sentiments aren’t exactly a secret.

It’s interesting to note that, like Jeremiah Wright, Hamas leaders attribute any anti-Hamas rhetoric by Obama as simply political posturing, specifically referring to Obama’s criticism of Jimmy Carter and his recent Middle East visit.

Some might say that it’s ridiculous to think that Hamas leaders might have any intimate knowledge of Barack Obama in any way as close to what Jeremiah Wright might have known or knows. Well, enter Robert Malley again.

Robert Malley has direct connections with and access to Middle Eastern leaders through his participation in ICG, International Crisis Group, for which he is the Middle East and African advisor. This also puts him on the payroll of George Soros who founded ICG and currently serves on its executive committee.

A “bio” of Robert Malley on can be viewed with the following “cut and paste” web address:

There are also a number of other interesting “hotlinks” at this site.

Of very little surprise, Obama’s appointment of Robert Malley as a foreign policy advisor is stricklingly consistent with a similar position held by Jeremiah wright’s church.

Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto

Needless to say, all of these acts of”guilt by association” are being decried by Obama supporters as “dirty or negative politics” such as the following found in the Huffington Post:

Obama Hamas Ties Pushed In McCain Letter: So Much For “Respectful” Campaign

It’s no surprise that what some may consider “guilt by association” others might simply consider a process of “connecting the dots”.

And it’s very interesting to see where the dots lead.


Obama Claims Mccain is “Loosing his bearings” regarding Hamas Support for Obama

Leaders of Hamas have stated that they prefer or support Barack Obama for President of the United States. That’s a fact … for what ever reasons. I suppose you would have to ask the leaders of Hamas why they prefer Obama. Maybe someone should ask them.

John McCain pointed out that Hamas has stated it supports Barack Obama to be the next preference.

Barack Obama stated he believes that John McCain is “loosing his bearings” because of McCain pointing out that fact. why is a factual statement to be considered “loosing his bearings”?

Since when is the truth “dirty politics”?

Obama wants to point out McCain’s age every chance he can … for what ever reason. Mc Cain’s age is a legitimate fact. Making assumptions about McCain’s ability to function as president is just that … making assumptions just as assuming Obama would make a better president because of his younger age is … again, another assumption.

Obama supporters point out the multitude of issues Obama has taken a stand on as well as bills he has introduced or co- sponsered … while ignoring the 130 or so bills he has failed to vote yea or nay on.

Based on his performance, one might assume that Obama is “still looking for his bearings”. Maybe Obama is simply a little envious since he can’t loose what he hasn’t found and wants to imply a more level playing field by his comment, trying to bring people’s perception of John McCain down to his, Obama’s, level.

Bingo!!!! Ideology versus Theology

I knew something was stinking up the woodpile but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then I ran across this post:


This is a must read for anyone trying to figure out what’s going on … and everyone should read it.

Basically, Barack Obama is Jeremiah Wright, just pulled out of the gutters of south Chicago and dressed in an Ivy League suit, cleaned up to be more palatable to moderate Americans.

This Black Liberation “Theology” is about a foreign to Christianity as Islam is. It’s no small wonder that Louis Farakan received an award from Wright’s church.

Wright is somehow justified because he “does good” in south Chicago. Well, Hesbollah and Hamas are praised for “doing good” in Lebanon and Gaza strip. If you buy one, you buy the other.

Barack Obama would love to make this about black versus white, the “oppressed” versus the perceived “priveleged” … turning the race card to his own advantage, inciting a type of social warfare … which he’s done, so far, fairly effectively.

Somehow, I get the feeling that American democracy hasn’t been so threatened internally since demagogues like William Jennings Bryan, Huey Long or Joe McCarthy. Each had their own political era and message, but the intent was just the same. No, I’d go further than that. He smells a little of Fidel Castro wooing the middle class in Cuba or even Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

I’m curious as to how gullible the American public really is and am beginning to appreciate the precarious success of FDR against the likes of Huey Long in the 1930’s, basically a “moderate” populist against a demagogue.

The funny thing is that Bill Clinton has met his master, someone who can sweet talk the public better than he did for eight years. And, now that they’re in competition per his surrogate, Hillary, the same crowd that threw roses at his feet in adulation are now feeding him to the lions.

All hail Barack, the new master!!

And the sycophants are falling at his feet; ergo, Bill Richardson!