Obama, Obama … Wherefore art thou, Obama???

Or subtitle: “Is This Dud(e) Totally Whacked … or still snorting or smoking something?”


Third planet on the left or totally out of the solar system?

Well, he certainly isn’t functioning like he’s in the United States much less Washington, D.C. … well, maybe Washington, D.C. It seems to be disconnected from the rest of the country also … maybe another galaxy.

Egocentric, narcissistic, referring to himself in the third person …

Are these the characteristics of a person functioning on all cylinders? Is he, was he or has he ever functioned on all cylinders?

Maybe the president is watching too much MSNBC. They seemed to be the only “major” cable news network that didn’t comprehend the ramifications of the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts. After the Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, conceded the race, CNN and Fox News understood what had happened, but those loons on MSNBC … Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews … totally out in left field … figuratively and literally. I turned to MSNBC after the election was over just to see their response. It was like watching Saturday Night Live, hilarious … except the joke was on them. They were clueless.

It does appear that a majority of Democrats in Congress got the message and understand it. That, at least, is somewhat comforting since they control both houses of Congress although, thankfully, not as much as before the Massachusetts senatorial special election. It’s amazing how the sensation of being dunked in an ice cold lake can clear the mind to near sobriety … even those like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who have acted in the past year like Roman dictators inebriated with the sense of absolute power.

But not Barack Obama …

He goes on national television and has a temper tantrum … a “hissy” fit … like an over-indulged three year old who’s had his pacifier removed … which he was dreamily nursing on in his personal (induced?) alternate universe. Unfortunately, even after rudely and abruptly being denied his comforter and presumably awakened, he still couldn’t separate his dream state from reality.

I used to think that the President, Mr. Obama, was simply an inherent liar.  Now I’m beginning to have some doubts. I’m beginning to think that this poor man may simply be confabulating his own version of reality … much as he did in his two literary works.

Yesterday, in Ohio, he angrily complained about being falsely accused of cutting Medicare. But, aren’t there over $450 billion in Medicare cuts in his baby, the pending healthcare bill? Isn’t Medicare Advantage going to be eliminated in all states except Florida if the Healthcare bill were to pass?

He angrily defended his government transparency policy? Maybe he missed all of those sweetheart deals that were cut behind closed doors out of the public view, only to be the latest in the lack of transparency that has been prevalent since he ascended to the presidency.

Just a few examples …

The list seems to be endless. His angrily proclaimed perception … versus reality.

Could we be witnessing the first president with Munchousen Syndrome,  a person disguising himself as lucid and brilliant … while actually being delusional and disturbingly mediocre … promoted out of absolute obscurity to a position totally out of his capacity by a population hungry beyond rational thinking for simply … something different?

I think it’s entirely possible that Barack Obama may have another first to his credit in addition to being the first black president.

He may be the first president who is completely delusional … totally out of touch with reality.

Quite possibly, out of this country’s inherent kindness and generosity (which he seems to repeatedly fail to recognize), he should be, simply and quietly, sent back to South Chicago, that comforting womb which nurtured his kindred delusions and Marxist rantings in absolute … and impenetrable … obscurity) where he can also find undeniable comfort in again attending the church of Jeremiah Wright, his self proclaimed father figure and consort in delusional Marxist proclamations and rantings; and, not in the least, where he can do no further harm … hopefully. Pax vobiscum.

Now, there’s some food for thought.


Obama Down 2 Percentage Points in Today’s Gallup Poll – 8/26

Today’s Gallup Daily Tracking Poll has placed Barack Obama’s support at 44% and John McCain’s support at 46%.

Defying the typical bounce that candidates usually get during their respective conventions, the Obama Political Machine has managed to loose ground in the daily tracking polls since the convention began yesterday.

It must be a source of absolute frustration for people like David Axelrod, Obama’s Campaign manager and chief strategist. Axelrod, who is firmly entrenched in Chicago’s mire of political shenanagins is seeing his reputation as a political kingmaker severely challenged by his inability to sell Barack Obama to the American public.

The Democratic strategy has become more negative and nasty as each milestone which would normally give a political candidate a bounce has been passed with Obama’s favorability remaining stagnant at best or more specifically declining.

Normally, a candidate would get a bounce in his favorability after winning the primary process. At best, Obama’s popularity after clinching the primary battle increased slightly. The lack of a significant bounce at that time might have been due to lingering resentment over a closely contested race between Hillary Clinton and Obama which appears to be a continuing factor. The fact that Hillary Clinton began to sweep primary after primary after revelations about Obama became public rather late in the primary season could not go unnoticed by the American public. Many people might have felt that they had been deceived by the Obama campaign and a liberal or left leaning news media which was apparently either hiding information about Obama or not thoroughly vetting him as a political candidate and presenting the information to the public in an accurate and unbiased manner.

Frequently, a candidate will get a bounce in popularity after naming his vice presidential running mate. Obama’s popularity has actually declined after announcing Joe Biden as his VP running mate in spite of Biden’s general popularity. Obama’s selection of Biden has apparently made Obama’s inexperience and other weaknesses even more obvious.

Many have viewed last night’s array of speakers including Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy and Michelle Obama as have very little to do with what the convention is all about. Although a tribute to Ted Kennedy in view of his current health problems might be a thoughtful thing to do, it might have been perceived as an excessive reminder that the notion of Obama being a candidate of change could be as much of an illusion as constant comparison between him and John or Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy’s imaginary media created “Camelot”.

Robert Goulet wasn’t really Sir Lancelot and Barack Obama isn’t really John Kennedy. Besides, the entire notion that John Kennedy united the country is as artificial as breast implants. The Kennedy sycophants that have deluged the airways and, more recently, the Internet fail to mention that Kennedy barely won the 1960 election and then possibly only by some adroit manipulation of votes in several Chicago precincts by then Chicago mayor, Richard J. Daley, at the request of Kennedy’s father as was widely rumored at the time.

“Known for shrewd party politics, Daley was the prototypical “machine” politician, and his Chicago Democratic Machine, based on control of thousands of patronage positions, was instrumental in bringing a narrow 8,000 vote victory in Illinois for John F. Kennedy in 1960.”

David Axelrod
and the Obama Political Machine certainly have a problem. How do they minimalize a person, Hillary Clinton, who won nearly half of the votes cast in the Democratic primaries without completely alienating a large portion of the Democratic constituency? How do they maintain the support and interest of the radical left wing of the Democratic party as Obama has noticeably maneuvered to a more centrist position trying to capture a majority of independent voters? How do they convince the American public that their candidate is a serious contender when he takes days to establish a position on serious issues like the Russian invasion of Georgia or the Jeremiah Wright controversy and can’t give unequivocal answers to questions when posed at a forum like that at Saddleback?

Barack Obama or John Kennedy reincarnated?

Barack, what’s with this Brandenberg Gate thing?

Was reincarnation one of the beliefs that Jeremiah Wright taught at Trinity?

“Ich bin ein Berliner.”

Is that the next thing we’re going to hear out of Barack’s mouth?

Caroline Kennedy … and now the Brandenberg Gate. Hey … the Cold War is more or less over. And I hate to tell you, John Kennedy didn’t win it. He was the cause of the Berlin Wall as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis. If anything, he accelerated the Cold War.

I’m predicting that Barack either wants to, or actually is going to, go to Berlin and say, “Ich bin ein Berliner.”

How gauche!!

Bad Idea.

Michael Pfleger, Another Chicago Slug

Thank you, Father Pfleger.

Just when things were getting dull, you’ve reminded us where Barack Obama came from and the character of his friends.

Michael Pfleger’s performance was not only disgusting but sickening. The congregation’s cheering of his performance was sickening. Trinity Church of Christ permeates with a perverse contradiction to all that religion should stand for as represented by the people who “preach” from its pulpit.

I presume that “Father” Pfleger believes that his “message” appeals to a certain group of people. Obviously, it does. There are people who are attracted to all sorts of perversions. I suppose that religious perversion as represented by Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright can be added to the list.

Pfleger and Wright remind me of the movie, “Apocalypto”, where the high priest is standing on top of the pyramid hovering above his victim ready to cut the heart out of a living person. The crowd cheers. The priest cuts open the chest and severes the heart from its attachments, then holds it high. The crowd cheers, intoxicated with a blood lust only quenched by the sacrifice of another victim … and another. The high priest is fed by the fever of the crowd and another victim is brought forth. And on it goes.

But Pfleger and Wright “do good works”. They “help” the people they serve.

I’m sure the same was thought of those Mayan priests at the time … by the Mayans.

And Barack Obama found a form of Christianity here that he’s comfortable with. But a person shouldn’t be judged by the friends he keeps … or because of his religious beliefs.

Is Obama a Victim of “Guilt by Association” or “Connecting the Dots”?

After receiving a comment on a recent post:

Obama Claims Mccain is “Loosing his bearings” regarding Hamas Support for Obama,

I wondered if Barack Obama was truly the victim of “guilt by association”. “Guilt by Association” is a phrase that everyone has been hearing a lot lately regarding attempts to connect or associate Barack Obama’s actual sentiments to those of his minister, Jeremiah Wright.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t believe Obama shares the feelings or beliefs of his minister.”?

As I’ve stated in a previous post, I actually considered voting for Obama rather than Hillary Clinton but realized that I knew very little about him. So, I set about to find out more about him and the more I found out, the less I liked.

As before, in trying to determine whether Obama is a “victim” of “guilt by association”, the more I found out the less I liked.

The crux of the question of whether Barack is a victim is,

“Why would Hamas prefer Obama as president of the United States?”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have to look that far.

Power Line: Hamas Endorses Obama

Back in 2007, Barack Obama appointed a fellow graduate of Harvard Law School, Robert Malley, as a foreign policy advisor to his campaign. Malley has a track record as being anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian and writing numerous anti-Israeli articles in cooperation with former Arafat advisors.

Sorry about that … more “guilt by association”. But, like Obama’s minister, Robert Malley was hand picked by Obama. Malley has a long track record and his pro-Palestinian sentiments aren’t exactly a secret.

It’s interesting to note that, like Jeremiah Wright, Hamas leaders attribute any anti-Hamas rhetoric by Obama as simply political posturing, specifically referring to Obama’s criticism of Jimmy Carter and his recent Middle East visit.

Some might say that it’s ridiculous to think that Hamas leaders might have any intimate knowledge of Barack Obama in any way as close to what Jeremiah Wright might have known or knows. Well, enter Robert Malley again.

Robert Malley has direct connections with and access to Middle Eastern leaders through his participation in ICG, International Crisis Group, for which he is the Middle East and African advisor. This also puts him on the payroll of George Soros who founded ICG and currently serves on its executive committee.

A “bio” of Robert Malley on Discoverthenetworks.org can be viewed with the following “cut and paste” web address:


There are also a number of other interesting “hotlinks” at this site.

Of very little surprise, Obama’s appointment of Robert Malley as a foreign policy advisor is stricklingly consistent with a similar position held by Jeremiah wright’s church.

Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto

Needless to say, all of these acts of”guilt by association” are being decried by Obama supporters as “dirty or negative politics” such as the following found in the Huffington Post:

Obama Hamas Ties Pushed In McCain Letter: So Much For “Respectful” Campaign

It’s no surprise that what some may consider “guilt by association” others might simply consider a process of “connecting the dots”.

And it’s very interesting to see where the dots lead.

Jeremiah Wright’s Speech at the National Press Club on 4/28/2008, Video Clips

The following video clips represent the entire speech that Jeremiah Wright gave on 4/28/2008 at the National Press Club in Detroit, Michigan as shown on CNN. Each comprises a ten minute segment of the speech followed by the question and answer period and some CNN commentary:

#1: http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=f4de6b30-d7ae-4cc4-96b4-5c254f438d95

#2: http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=1093d189-51ee-494c-ac6d-c8169e2f1624

#3: http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=9871184d-5b72-46c5-ac26-0046f0e61ee5

#4: http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=6001e10c-2d7b-4480-8772-7c663566cb52

#5: http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=bdf391d6-d8e5-4570-891e-527532fe9e1e

#6: http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=89fec36c-d434-43b5-bd05-b25264271936

If any descrepencies are noted in the clips, let me know. Clip #5 is about 7 seconds shorter than the others so I may have missed a little in trying to tie these together.

Obama Under Fire Exhibits Leadership … Say What?

Senator Bob Casey, a Democratic senator from Pennsylvania, during an interview on Fox News this afternoon stated that Senator Obama shows good leadership qualities when under fire.

Hummmmmmmmm …………

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but …

Hasn’t it taken Barack Obama at least three to four days to respond to each crisis his campaign has faced?

I understand that “haste makes waste”, but I wouldn’t exactly attribute Obama with being light … well, maybe light … but not exactly quick on his feet in responding to challenges. As a matter of fact, he has problems putting together complete coherent sentences when confronted.

He has so much trouble as exhibited in his last debate with Hillary Clinton, he now refuses to debate. It took him five days to prepare his now famous speech after the first problems with Jeremiah Wright surfaced … not exactly nimble or lightening fast. It even took Barack 24 hours to figure out that Wright had insulted him at the National Press Club. This dumb redneck figured that out in less than a second.

Maybe we should give Obama a free ride regarding Wright. The more I think about it, the more I suspect that maybe he didn’t have a clue as to what was going on.

Excuse me, but I don’t exactly consider hiding in the trenches when the shooting starts as “good leadership qualities”.

As far as Obama’s $1000 tax rebate this summer is concerned, the Democratic leadership has basically already proposed the same a good while back so why not reiterate it and claim it as your own. It doesn’t require any thinking, originality or creativity.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe what some people are interpreting as calm and calculating, thoughtful and reserved, I’m simply seeing as inept, ineffective, indecisive, inarticulate … bordering on being a dullard … under fire … and people are buying this.

Just curious …

What leadership or executive position has Barack Obama ever held? What leadership or executive training has he ever had? He hasn’t even established himself as a leader within the Senate.

Leadership under fire? What leadership?