Jeremiah Wright’s Speech at the National Press Club on 4/28/2008, Video Clips

The following video clips represent the entire speech that Jeremiah Wright gave on 4/28/2008 at the National Press Club in Detroit, Michigan as shown on CNN. Each comprises a ten minute segment of the speech followed by the question and answer period and some CNN commentary:







If any descrepencies are noted in the clips, let me know. Clip #5 is about 7 seconds shorter than the others so I may have missed a little in trying to tie these together.


Marxism … Alive and Well at Trinity Church of Christ

After watching Jeremiah Wright’s “coming out” party around last weekend beginning with Bill Moyers on PBS last Friday and ending with the grand finale at the National Press Club this past Monday, we finally have a clearer perspective of what Wright’s church has been like for, not only the past twenty or so years, but since his appointment as it’s minister in the early 1970’s. Wright’s Liberation Theology full of Marxist philosophy and rhetoric is the core of his ministry at Trinity Church of Christ.

Anyone who has any doubts regarding the Marxist basis of Wright’s ministry should watch the following video clips from Hannity’s America presented on Fox News last night. One is on the basis of Wright’s theology, frequently strikingly presented in Wright’s own words:

The other is an assessment of Wright’s ministry as presented by fellow black minister, Reverend Eugene Rivers:

Both the presentation of Black Liberation Theology presented in the first clip and the assessment of Reverend Wright presented in the second clip should leave very little doubt regarding the origin of Wright’s philosophy and the use Wright has put it to in his ministry.

Jeremiah Wright can be minimalized as an eccentric as well as egocentric demagogue functioning outside of the norm of American society in general and the black community specifically if one is inclined to do that. I have no doubt there are those who actually share his views of the world in general and the United States specifically, but for those who don’t should be seriously asking the question regarding how this man has influenced and impacted Barack Obama, the leading Democratic contender for President of the United States.

Barack Obama, Democratic party leaders and Democratic pundits would like to push this entire issue under the table and get back to what they refer to as the real and important issues. Of what value is discussing issues when spouted from the lips of a person in whom there is no confidence, credibility, or trust?

Are Americans truly the sheep that political leaders treat them like that they may be herded, used, sheared and dismissed at a group of politicians’ or a fanatical demagogue’s whim?

Jeremiah Wright, The Marine Corps and Patriotism … and Barack Today

I wrote the following yesterday after watching the spectacle that Jeremiah Wright put on at the National Press Club. I had a shoulder replacement (Arthroplasty) last Friday so I decided I would sit on my comments overnight and see what today brought.

Senator Obama has now finally responded to Reverend Wright’s road show … frankly much quicker than many thought he would … if different people thought he would respond at all.

It appears that some of my sentiments about Reverend Wright’s performance were shared by more than a few people … apparently enough to stimulate Senator Obama to react … if he isn’t reacting to Wright’s antics alone. I think Wright’s antics were enough in and of themselves not to have to wait on anyone else’s opinions to figure out what to do and even though Obama, in his typical style, took his time, I’m going to give him credit for reacting to the message and not public opinion about the message.

After listening to Obama today … and after his interview with Chris Wallace Sunday … I understand why so many people support and want to believe Obama. If he isn’t sincere, he’s very good at appearing sincere and genuine … and I’m not saying right now that he isn’t. Let’s assume that he is.

Anyone that doesn’t feel at least a little sympathy for him is totally heartless … period. This guy is being crucified by his “friends” … and I do use the term “friend” loosely. Let’s assume that Senator’s Obama’s reference to “bitter” and “clinging to guns and religion” were “mistatements” not intended to be elitist. Let’s make all of the assumptions we can to cut Barack all of the breaks we can give him.

Then, what do we have?

Well, we have a relatively young Harvard trained lawyer who has worked and spent most of his adult life sequestered in the south side of Chicago who knows very little about the rest of his country, much less the world and how it works. He reminds me more of a naive twenty something young adult with a lot of idealistic goals and little practical experience to see those goals to reality without getting beaten up a lot in the process of learning and quite frankly, as I see the seasoned Democratic heavyweights lining up behind him, I’m not too sure that they don’t see him in exactly this light … someone to be used, manipulated and bullied if necessary.

If we can trust anything that Jeremiah Wright says, his indication that it’s his intention to try to bully Obama was very evident yesterday and any thought that Wright has any respect for Obama should have been dispelled.

This just doesn’t bode well for Obama. If he can’t command the respect of long time associates what are we to assume about him as president? Maybe we shouldn’t use Wright as an example, but … then … why not? Wright was Obama’s own choice.

And here’s another thought … just thrown in …

Wright says he hates the American government, not the American people. Well, the government is “we, the people …” and Wright knows this.

So, yesterday I wrote:

Did anyone miss the Jeremiah Wright Show that was held at the National Press Club on 28 April 2008? After watching the love fest between Bill Moyers and Wright last Friday night, I was hoping for a little better. I got the sense that Bill and Jeremiah really needed to get a room since they gave “tongue in cheek” journalism a new meaning. Yesterday, it was apparent that Reverend Wright wasn’t completely sure that he would ge the same strokes from the National Press Club as he did from Moyer so he appeared to have brought his own cheering section to massage his altered ego.

For some reason Jeremiah Wright seems to think that military service is a bona fide for patriotism and has obviously primed his supporters to mimic that chant … military service, patriotism, military service patriotism …

Giving the respect due to the millions of Americans who have honorably served their country in a patriotic spirit, military service is one of the most honorable, as well as self sacrificing, ways to serve one’s country patriotically. I have also served my country in the military and have a deep respect for many of the people I served with. It was a time in my life and experience that I would not trade for anything. I also realise that the military isn’t for everyone and there can be other ways that people can serve their country. So, it’s not a sine qua non for patriotism … a point that wright and his pundits seem to be consciously or unconsciously ignoring. My suspicion is that his and their bend is conscious and self serving.

It should also be noted that military service isn’t necessarily synonymous with patriotism. Benedict Arnold is a classic example. Even the Marine Corps has had its disappointments, ergo Lee Harvey Oswald. I’m not citing either of these people to suggest any correlation with Reverend Wright, but simply to point out that, so far, Reverend Wright’s main, if not only , example of his patriotic fervor can be shot down fairly quickly and simply, something any high school junior with a “C” average should be able to do. I should think we would expect better from such a learned person with so many self proclaimed degrees.

Conversely, not serving in the military isn’t necessarily a sign that a person isn’t patriotic. Reverend Wright seems to take particular pleasure in pointing out Vice President Dick Cheney’s lack of military service as a reason to question or lessen his patriotism or to minimize any service Cheney might have performed for the country. That might be considered a good talking point as far as he is concerned but it does nothing for Barack Obama who also “suffers”, if you want to look at it that way, from a lack of military service. Does that make Obama’s patriotism less?

Does Reverend Wright consider himself more patriotic than, say, someone like Franklin Roosevelt who also didn’t serve in the military. Roosevelt dis serve as a state senator, New York governor,and assistant Secretary of the Navy before serving as a war time president. So … there may be other ways to express one’s patriotism in a positive way other than serving in the military despite Wright’s apparent monolithic view which, once the surface is scratched also seems to be self serving.

Since so many of Jeremiah Wright’s talking points seem to be so superficial and flawed, it seems that, if he ever had any great mental dexterity and acumen, he apparently lost it or let it get extrememly rusty by immersing himself in a pandering and unquestioning congregation or circle of friends who were either unwilling or unable to offer him any intellectual challenges.

So, rather than beat his old dead horses to a pulp repeatedly, maybe Wright can think up some new outrageous comments to make rather than reiterating the old. He might even try something novel and refreshing like occasionally saying something that’s factual and/ or undistorted.

All of this makes it even more amazing that the National Press Club allowed itself to be so blatantly used by Wright’s dog and pony show. Aren’t it’s members supposed to be respected journalists? Well, if they haven’t figured it out or someone hasn’t already told them, Wright’s spectacle at the National Press Club was a classic example of the tail wagging the dog. I’ve heard that there were actually some journalists there and that really surprised me. Joseph Goebbels couldn’t have arranged a better propaganda stunt for his master. As a matter of fact, it just came to me whose antics Jeremiah Wright should have immediately reminded me of. Exactly. Speaking of arrogance, megalomania, duplicity, demagoguery …

Even the staunchest Obama supporters have to be, in the deepest crevices of their minds, wondering how Barack Obama could have sat in Wright’s church for twenty years and been unaware of … or tolerant of … a person who so frequently expresses his hate filled and divisive message regarding this country and not, in the most part, agree with him or be so politically calculating as to tolerate Wright’s positions for personal gain … or be at a total loss as to what was going on.

Now, we’re getting more than “snippets” of Jeremiah Wright. Is the picture getting any clearer? I, for one, don’t think Wright has “finally gone off the deep end”. I think he’s been living off the deep end for most of his life and the general public is finally getting a view of what’s been going on in the “sanctity” of his church and inner circle. This is the man that set Obama’s “comfort zone” regarding religion … regarded “more like an uncle”.

So, has everyone had their fill of Jeremiah Wright yet? I’m sure there are those who totally agree with him and could never get enough. And there’s a choice … the soft spoken, cooing Wright being petted and stroked by Bill Moyer or the flamboyant, acidic and megalomaniacal Wright at the National Press Club complete with cheering and jeering brown shirts … figuratively speaking of course.

And which flavor of Barack Obama are we supposed to swallow today … the “I didn’t know”, could this guy really be a Harvard graduate? version of Barack … or the “Sure I knew” but here’s why it shouldn’t matter Barack … or the”Of course I don’t agree with everything he says ’cause he doesn’t say it all the time Barack … or the “just trust me” Barack?

Or, could this whole spectacle simply be a massive double twist back deception or some sort? I mean … wright is looking so … bizarre … even Bill O’Reilly is feeling sympathy for Obama.