The Democratic Venue for Obama’s Speech

There you are at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. Out in the middle of the field is … what?

Okay. The Democrats are getting a little sensitive about this.

Their retort to all the criticism they’ve been getting  about this grandiose stage is, “The important thing is the speech, not the setting that it’s given in or on.”

If that’s so, why not stay at the convention center instead of moving to a football stadium?

“Well, we want it to be open to more people than the convention delegates.”

Okay. 75,000 isn’t everyone so why try? Don’t you recall that 200,000 adulating Germans looked a little like pre-World War II Nuremberg? All you have to do is replace the term, “fascist” with “socialist”.

And what’s with all of those columns? Are they Doric, Ionian, or Corinthian? You say the back drop is based on the Lincoln Memorial. Frankly, it reminds me of a movie set from “QuoVadis”, “Ben Hur “, “Fall of the Roman Empire” or “Gladiator”.

And what’s with all of those steps leading up to that round area at the end of the runway? Is that what’s supposed to get Barack “closer” to the “common man”? Are they going to have people or even better a bunch of small children sitting on the steps so it will look like the “Sermon on the Mount”?

I think that’s what they’re shooting for … some kind of hybrid between “Imperial Rome” and the “Sermon on the Mount”. Interesting.


Joe Biden’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention 2008

Joe Biden began his speech tonight by recognizing his family. There were several times I actually thought he was going to cry.

Without going into all of the details of Biden’s speech, it became apparent how the Democrats are going to attack John McCain, none of which was much of a surprise.

Joe did complain about “Washington” doing nothing to help average Americans … something interesting coming from someone who has been in Washington since the early 1970’s. A number of the current American problems he attributed to the Bush administration actually have their origins during the Clinton administration … things like globalization and job outsourcing.

Joe Biden did try to add some meat to Barack Obama’s resume but it wound up being as skinny as Obama is.

It continues to amaze me how much is forgotten or is left unsaid for the sake of political expediency.

Barack Obama showed up as a “surprise” guest at the end of Biden’s speech. Barack Obama made an open invitation for “everyone” to attend his acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium on Thursday … to open up the process to “all Americans”. I suppose the previously announced “dues paying process” has been dropped. Do you reckon? Let’s all go to Denver and find out. Right.

Very “Jacksonian”.

Bill Clinton’s Speech at Democratic National Convention 2008

After a rousing and protracted round of applause, Bill Clinton gave an enthusiastic endorsement for Barack Obama apparently laying aside all of the animosity that attracted so much attention during the Democratic primary campaigns. In doing so, Bill Clinton requested that the nation return to the prosperity of the 1990’s under the Clinton administration.

One of his last points was that like he, Bill Clinton, in 1992 was young and accused of being too young and inexperienced to be president, Barack Obama is also being accused of being too young and inexperienced to be president. Clinton claimed that, as his presidency was successful, Obama’s presidency will also be successful.

Bill Clinton did leave out any reference to John Kennedy who was also a very young president.

What Clinton also failed to point out were the differences in the world situation today compared to the beginning of his presidency, situations like the current Iraq War, the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the resurgence of Russia as a threat to peace and stability in Europe, problems and threats that Bill Clinton didn’t have to face. A young and relatively inexperienced John F. Kennedy did have similar problems and his inexperience was exhibited by an ineffective meeting with Nikita Khrushchev, resulting in the construction of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis which nearly led to World War III and the guarantee of Cuba remaining a communist state by selling out the Cuban exiles in the United States and elsewhere. Clinton, in contrast, was inaugurated president in a time of relative peace. The immediate threat created by Iraq following its unprovoked invasion of Kuwait had been eliminated by the first Iraq War under the Bush administration and the Soviet Union had already been dissolved through the efforts of Ronald Reagan. Neither did Clinton mention his failed policy and withdrawal from Somalia, his failure to neutralize bin Laden when an opportunity arose, his failure to recognize the Al Quaeda threat that existed after the first bombing of the World Trade Center which led to the 9/11/2001 attack on the World Trade Center or his failed negotiations with North Korea, to name a few. He also failed to mention it was his policy and administration which began the process of globilization or the American economy which, as claimed by many, has led to the loss of many high paying American jobs manufacturing jobs as well as jobs in the technology sector. During his administration the process of outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries began in full force.

Clinton did take credit for a period of prosperity during the 1990’s. He failed to mention that the economy was already recovering from a mild downturn in economic growth in the first part of the 1990’s prior to his inauguaration nor did he mention that many of his expensive and socialistic plans were curbed by the election of a Republican controlled Congress two years after his election which led to the moderation of many of his policies and plans.

Clinton stated that Barack Obama would be a staunch defender and supporter of the Constitution failing to recognizie Obama’s equivocation of the Second Amendment and his ardent support for a judiciary which is prone to legislate from the bench and not follow the Constitution, effectively bypassing the elected legislative branch of government.

Clinton attacked to Bush administration for “cronyism” following the Katrina disaster in New Orleans several years ago, again failing to admit to the political cronyism exhibited by the then Democratic governor of Louisiana and the re-elected Democratic mayor of New Orleans resulting in billions of dollars of waste and fraud in Lousiana following Katrina. He also failed to mention that the citizens of Louisiana have since partially corrected that problem by electing a Republican governor for that state.

He did mention that Barack Obama has the background to deal with the changing population of the United States and the growing interdependence of the United States with the rest of the world. I suppose he was referring to Obama’s suggestion that all Americans should learn Spanish and that Obama with his history of multiculturalism would be more inclined to help Americans adjust to a position of more dependence on the rest of the world rather than achieving a degree of independence and security from world threats.

I suppose like those politicians of old, like the one that I heard many years ago,Once Upon a Time at a County Democratic Party Meeting …,Bill Clinton is one of those who put party first over all else. Bill Clinton is a great speaker. Everyone knows that the true sign of a great speaker is their ability to inspire as much by what they conveniently fail to say as what they actually do say.